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"Security that aims to protect you in every aspect of your working life."

Stay Secure

Your home and office are precious and so are its contents. We ensure all your music, photos and data are secure and backed up to the cloud, and that you are able to see and record what’s happening when you are not around.

In today’s economy your files have to stay safe and they also have to be accessible as quickly as possible; our security measures are all directed at helping you in your everyday working life.

Your files are always secure, no matter what happens!


  • The Cloud

    Your NAS files are kept in locked cabinet and backed up to cloud, so you save money because you no longer need an enormous server and you stay safe because your files can't suddenly catch on fire.

  • Disaster Recovery

    If you accidentally lose anything or it is stolen, we have a disaster recovery program in place, and we use a continuity plan so you can immediately connect your files onto a new device straight from the internet.

  • Home & Office CCTV

    We setup CCTV that activates when you leave the are. It is all viewable straight from your mobile device so you can see what has happened at your home or office anywhere that has the internet.

  • Wireless Security

    We can customise your network, allowing you to choose who you want to join, creating a secure network for friends and another for visitors, ensuring your data is always out of reach.

  • Firewall

    We create fixed IP and firewalls so you have the extra layer of security to prevent hackers getting to your private files.

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