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Make sure you plan your Tech too!

Moving House? Here’s How to Do It the Stress-Free Way
Packing up your life and moving to a new home is a super stressful time. And everyone who’s ever had the pleasure of doing it will agree.

Because apart from the burden of boxing up all your worldly possessions (and un-boxing them at the other end), you need to think about transportation, furniture removal, filling those cracks in the wall, ending old contracts, signing new contracts, dealing with smarmy estate agents, getting the internet up and running, securing your new home with alarm systems – and a heckload of other stuff.

On top of all that, you’ve still got all your regular responsibilities to juggle – work, your other half, keping up appearances, feeding the cat etc. Yep. There’s a hell of a lot to do!

But the tips you’re about to read will definitely lighten the load. And make life a lot easier for you. The more you read of these, the calmer you’ll feel on moving day. So pay attention.

Start Early…
Do you ever leave things to the last moment? Perhaps you’re a chilled out kind of person who just goes with the flow and plays it by ear? Well if so – now’s the time to flush that attitude down the loo. Be smart. Plan in advance. And leave yourself plenty of time… Because there’s always more to do than you initially thought.

6 to 8 weeks is perfect. And try to get a few days, if not a week, off work – to make the move run as smoothly as possible.

A little help from your friends
Tell your buddies and family members to give you a hand on moving day – and you can always repay the favour (or buy them all a pint). It will help take some pressure off your shoulders, and can save you having to fork out extra cash for a bunch of hired hands.

(PS. This could be the perfect opportunity to discover who your true pals are!)

Draw up a floor plan.
That’s right. Get all the room dimensions of your new home and plan out where the furniture’s going to go – so you can slide those heavy sofas into the right rooms, on the day, without wasting time and energy at a later stage.

Go on. Unleash the interior designer within you! Or would you prefer to drag all that heavy, awkward furniture around by yourself, after the delivery men (or your pals) have gone!?

Get rid of the junk.
We’ve all got a load of crap lying around, which for some (usually unmerited) reason we still want to hold on to… Just in case. Moving home is the perfect time to rifle through your stuff and bin any excess baggage which is weighing you down. You’ll feel a weight off your chest for doing so. And of course, anything you can donate to charity – do it!
Let us set up all your essential services for you…
Of course moving your possessions is only half the battle. There’s also the whole ‘setting stuff up’ bit. And without having your broadband, electrics, CCTV, alarm system and other essential services set up right from the get-go – life in your new home is just going to be downright unpleasant for a few weeks.

Is that how you want to start off in your new house, right after the stress of the move? Probably not.

So why not let us help you?

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